Makeup Tutorial … With a Difference

Hello my little beauty obsessives.

Today I was going to post a night out tutorial but, I’m ill!! I’m having a major no makeup duvet day. That got me thinking, how can I still post a tutorial but without my face in it! I picked up a piece of paper and a pencil and started sketching! So here you have it, my makeup tutorial with a difference. All the featured products are in the image at the end… apart from my lippy!! I forgot it (useless) but just so you know, I used the middle shade of Victoria Jackson Lip Gloss (from my Shop My Stash post) and also Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Fuchsia Ristic.

Here we go:


So on the left you can see ‘my makeup free face’! In the middle the look I wanted to create, a bronzed smoky eye with eyeliner, highlighter and a bold lip. Finally on the right is the overall look.

The Products are all in the image above: (here they are in the order I used them)

1. Max Factor 3 in 1 Foundation in Natural

2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade 2

3. MAC prolongwear paint pot in Layin Low

4. Rimmel Professional Eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown

5. FCUK Oh So Chic palette

6. Fearne Cotton Eye Palette

7. Collection extreme felt tip liner

8. Benefit They’re Real / Maybelline Falsies Mascaras

9. Bella Pierre Bronzer

10. Benefit Coralista blusher

11. No 7 Instant Radiance Highlighter

12. (not pictured) Victoria Jackson Lip Gloss (from my Shop My Stash post) / Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Fuchsia Ristic

I hope this explains in a slightly different way how I get ready for a night out with pretty much all drugstore products! Also I couldn’t help but show you the last picture!! This is the effect me writing this blog has had on my friends!! The last picture is us being classy in the pub loo’s touching up our makeup!! 

Hopefully, I’ll be up and out by tomorrow so should be back to normal with blogs! But if you liked this alternative sort of tutorial let me know, and I’ll see what other blog classics I can shake up!

All my love



Skin Care Do’s and Don’t’s

Hello there my pampered beauty buffs,

Today I wanted to talk about some common mis-conceptions when it comes to skin care, my current routine and how to adapt it for your skin type! Hopefully you’ll find this useful, let me know and I’ll do some more posts like this one!

Here we go…

Skin care myth number 1: Scrubbing your face with soap will keep your skin healthy and acne free.

Using soap to scrub your face is not only very drying on the skin but also removes some of the protective oils and barriers on the top layers of your skin leading to more acne/spot prone skin. This will only cause more problems than just the spots which you were trying to solve, leaving you with dehydrated and often peeling skin. I WOULD RECOMMEND using a light exfoliator a few times a week followed by a moisturiser and make sure you cleanse to remove all your makeup.

Skin care myth number 2: Expensive skin care products work best.

This is simply not true. Skin care is so individual it really depends what you find to suit you. Take face masks for example, I tried so many but the one that works for my skin best happened to cost under £5 from the drugstore. Some expensive products feel nicer, it’s true, but the fact is that a lot of them contain many of the same ingredients as drugstore products. MY OPINION is that it really doesn’t matter, try lots of products out and use whichever one works the best, don’t fret about brand names as long as you have the correct products to look after your skin.

Skin care myth number 3: Blackheads relate to cleanliness and can be scrubbed away.

Blackheads are formed when hormones cause too much oil to be produced, dead skin cells get in the way,the path for the oil to get out gets clogged. As this clog nears the surface of the skin, the mixture of oil and dead skin turns, you guessed it, black. But you can’t scrub away a blackhead, at lest not entirely. This will only remover the problem on the surface. WHAT YOU NEED IS a good blackhead clearing cleanser which will solve the problem by making is way right into the pores and unclogging all the passages!

Skin care myth number 4: Moisturiser applied at night must be labeled “night cream”

What you often hear cosmetics salespeople say is that the skin needs different ingredients at night than during the day. They usually state that skin does more repair work at night, so to help this, more nourishing, vitamin packed products work better at night. BUT HERE’S WHAT I HAVE TO SAY If that’s the case there isn’t a shred of research or a list anywhere of what those ingredients should be. It is nicer to use these more nourishing products at night because they have more time to absorb into the skin without makeup or dirt getting in the way, but to be honest it really doesn’t make that much of a difference, as long as your day time products have SPF to get you through the day, just use the products that work the best for your skin!

Well I hope you enjoyed your little lesson there but it’s time to get to the nitty gritty, split the good products from the bad!!



Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask:

This is amazing, the clay formula means it’s really nourishing and leaves your skin super soft. As a mask, this helps clear you skin and for a fast fix definitely reduced redness. As a wash if used a few times a week consistently does reduce breakouts. I try to use the mask once a week to top up my regular routine and put in any moisture lost, especially good after a night out!

* If you have very dry skin, avoid the mask, but the wash is still amazing, for dry skin I would recommend: Lovea BIO Purifying Face Mask with Yellow Clay – Dry Skin.


Body Shop Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser:

Lovely for all skin types and especially lovely on problem skin. This product can come as a bit of a miracle when you have a breakout at a very inconvenient time! Used just before bed after taking your makeup off (I wouldn’t use this cleanser to remove your makeup.. too foamy) It reduces redness and puffiness while targeting spots from the root. I’d use this three or four times a week, built up regular use definitely up’s the effectiveness of this product.


Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner:

Simple is so perfect for problem skin and works amazingly on both dry and oily skin. I’d use this on the same days as the cleanser so my skin can have a couple of days off from lots of pampering as well!! Sometimes you need more days in the week to fit in all of the products!!! Just gently buffed into clean skin with a cotton wool pad, this toner really does what is says it will, soothes any angry skin, and evens skin tone.



I worship this product!! It is the ultimate spot cream and reduces redness, like an eraser! I try not to rub this in too much, I put it on just before bed over the areas that really need help and just leave it to sink in and do ts business while I’m asleep!

*The only unfortunate thing about this product is it can be slightly oily, as you can see on the packaging, it specialises in treating drying skin problems. For more oily skin I would recommend using: Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser Combination/oily.

*Also be warned that on some oily skin this product may cause a reaction! (lil disclaimer there)


Garnier Pure – Stylo SOS Pen

This pen is my favourite quick fix spot corrector. You squeeze it out of the tube and apply the gel directly over the spot or blemish and leave it to form a sort of shield over the spot, then over night there is a definitely noticeable difference. Also it is very nice and easy to use under makeup, as long as you give it a little time to dry before you start smattering foundation on!

Well, there you have it my lovelies, some skin care myths solved and my favourite products and how to alter this routine for you skin whether it be dry, oily, problematic or all of the above!

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like a post on!

All my love



Summer Clothes for Short People!

Hello there my probably average height beauties!

Everyone finds dressing for summer difficult, whether it’s the prospect of showing off parts of your body you don’t like, or struggling to find things that fit you! I’m not going to write a post that says it doesn’t matter what you look like you can wear whatever you like, because that would make me a hypocrite. I’m very aware of my body and I know there’s parts I’d rather not show… my legs being the main one! But when summer is full of shorts and short dresses that puts on big hurdle in front of me. The next obstacle in the minefield of building a summer wardrobe is my height! I’m 5ft 3 ( just don’t tell anyone, I tend to say 5ft 4!) So I thought I’d share some of the finds I’m happiest with for the summer and how I wear them to suit my shape and height! They are all high street and nothing cost more than £30 so they’re pretty cheap! Hope you like them and they give you some inspiration. Also I’m not wearing much makeup because I’m going out later and I’m just being lazy really, I couldn’t be bothered to put it on now, just to take it off when I get ready! :p

1. Top – New Look £9.99

This top is so lovely with the lace detail at the bottom, as it is a bit longer in length, it elongates my top half making me look slightly taller. Also wearing it with rolled up jeans (my old ones from Zara, about £25 I think) makes your ankles, and therefore legs look thinner! Win win! 


2. Top – Primark £9

I wouldn’t normally wear this colour, but I just couldn’t leave it in the shop! The blue is pastel so nothing too bright to make my skin look even paler than it is. Also the collar done up right to the top will make my top half look longer, as you can probably tell, I’m loving this length at the moment, I just find it really flattering and nice for spring/summer. Also the fact that this top is sheer is great as it makes it wearable for a night out as well as in the day, with something underneath it.


3. Trousers – H&M £12.99

I LOVE THIS SHAPE! These trousers are so on trend this summer and are perfect if like me you don’t want to be getting your legs out! The geometric pattern will make my legs appear longer and thinner while wearing them high waisted shows off my waist and makes my top half look thinner. I might also wear these with a crop top, just to give a little flash of stomach but I haven’t found one I like yet… will keep you posted! I also have to say, purchase these trouser with caution, this is the fourth pair I have brought in this style… highly addictive!


4. Jumpsuit – New Look £22.99 (now reduced to £17)

This is just gorgeous! I love the colours as they are not normally colours I would associate with summer because they are quite dark. But the thin fabric and spaghetti straps make it perfectly summer appropriate! I love the fit as for once, something that is not petite fits to my waist rather than falling too low. I am experimenting with rolling up the trouser legs to make them a similar length to my rolled up jeans but I’m not 100% sure. If i were to wear it with flats I would probably roll them up, but heels will skim my legs down just as much.


5. Maxi Dress – H&M – £24.99 (I think!)

I brought this dress for the music ball at my uni and I love it! It’s not anything like anything I’d normally wear, which is why I chose it. It has sheer panels in the waist but also in the skirt and two, rather large slits int he sides, which does make walking much easier! I pair it with a neutral belt because it needs something to finish the look rather than leaving the elasticated waist on show, but also it just breaks up the cream. With heals the length is perfect and is definitely one for a summer party or drinks. 


I hope you liked this little insight into how I overcome my summer wardrobe challenges, and on a budget too! I hope this has given you some tops or inspiration to freshen your summer look!

Please comment with anything you’d like some help on or anymore summer fashion and beauty tips!

All my love,


My Favourite London spot and OOTD

Hello there my little beauty lovers,

A slightly different blog for you today, not a single product i’m trying to entice you to spend your pounds on or a beauty tip in sight!

But first, an OOTD. This has been requested as all you ever see is my face with some sort of smattering of eye shadow!! So here it is:


Trousers: Forever 21

Top: H&M (loose crop top tucked in) 

Kimono: H&M

Shoes: Topshop

Bag: Covent Garden Market (about a year ago)

Necklace: Swarovski heart and butterfly charm

This afternoon, I met up with a couple of friends from uni who came to see me in my home town…. LONDON!! We went for a walk round Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, but I couldn’t resist taking them to my favourite place on the way. Neil’s Yard is a little shopping square in Covent Garden, near Soho and looks like you’ve just stepped into a more metropolitan Balamory! 

No filter needed!! Neil’s Yard in all its colourful glory!




Ooh, then on our way to Soho, we had a rather exciting encounter. We saw Russel Tovey walking, well nearly sprinting down Shaftsbury Avenue. He’s been in all sorts, The History Boys, Doctor Who, Him & Her and the list goes on. Well that was an exciting moment!!! Excuse the rubbish picture but hey its got him in it! (and my friend Julia on the left) 


What next, well of course a snog!! Frozen Yogurt that is! It was so yummy and is such a healthy treat!! I had Blueberry Acai yogurt with Strawberries, Raspberries and Mango with Agave Nectar on top!! SOOOO GOOD!! So yummy in fact I had to take a picture… it was a work of art! No words… I just ate it… very quickly!


Well I hope you enjoyed this slightly different style of blog, let me know if you did and if you’d like more like this!! All suggestions welcome!!

See you soon my lovelies,

All my love


Highlighters: How to and My Favourites

Hello there my little beauty/sun worshippers!!

Well it’s that time of year when we’re all hoping that this year we might get some sun, in search of that illusive sun kissed look! Well here’s the news… there’s no need for the sun to create the ultimate sun kissed glow. All you need is a highlighter and a little bit of know how.

This post was requested by a couple of people, so hopefully I’ll be able to clear up any uncertainty’s about how to apply this little makeup gem and which one, of the trillions on the market is the best!

There are quite a few high end products in this post, but as you know I’m a student, and no, I don’t own them all! I have compiled this blog by trawling through reviews and going into shops and having a cheeky little test!

So here we go:

First off I think it’s important to know how ( and where ) to use these products to give the ultimate summery shimmery glowy look! So I drew a handy little picture. But if this doesn’t suffice, then there is only one rule: Anywhere sunlight would naturally fall on your face, you give a smattering of highlighter!


1. Image

Benefit High Beam – £19.50

This is a slightly pink tinted highlighter, so it’s softer if you are a little worried about looking like the Blackpool illuminations! It blends beautifully, even into powder and have a finish to die for. You’ll look like you just fell from heaven!



Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat- Around £20

There’s a reason this highlighter pen is a classic: Layered over concealer, its light-reflective luminosity makes dark circles disappear. Plus, it comes in 12 shades to flatter any skin tone. It’s well worth the money and brightens up your day as well as your face!

3. Image

Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights Highlighter – £23

This highlighter is amazing value for money, with the whole contour, highlight and blush package in one compact. But the highlighter is what I really want to talk about. Don’t be scared off by the amount of shimmer you see in the makeup, when it’s applied onto your skin its subtle and can easily be built up to create the look you’re after! simply stunning.

4. Image

NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross – £22.50

This highlighter’s golden shimmer is perfect for medium or olive skin tones. The shade brings out skin’s natural golden undertones. Nars have done amazingly to create a product the perfect shade for medium to dark skin as the majority of highlighters look too harsh against it.




Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick – £32

These super pigmented palettes are available in bronzy shades that complement every skin shade perfectly. The consistency is beautiful, so easily blended in and the colour range is fantastic. Easily my favourite high end highlighter product.




Stila All Over Shimmer – £15

With two shades of highlighting powder, you can create looks with more depth and dimension. Super value for money with the luscious compact and so easy to apply over foundation and doesn’t give too matte a finish. The perfect summer glow on a budget!



Sleek Glo Face and Body Highlighter in Peach Shimmer – £6.49

So we all know by now that I’m quite in love with Sleek Cosmetics! This palette is my best ever bargain buy highlighter! The pigmentation is amazing and the shimmer is stunning! Also it comes is three shades so there really is something for everyone!  Its is also, coincidentally, a fab dupe for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks!

I hope you found this useful, or if not enjoyed the vision of me walking in and out of shops smearing highlighters onto my face and hands!!

See you soon

All my love


Shop my Stash (Deep Sea Diving)

Hello my little beauty hoarders,

Well if you’re anything like me, I’d expect you have a whole load of makeup sitting at the bottom of your bag or case just waiting and wishing it can have a turn!!

I do!!! BUT, I decided it was high time I did something about it, so I delved bravely into the depths of my makeup case and discovered some long lost beauties!!! These poor products, neglected for months, will finally have their chance to shine!!!

Also, I decided to attempt swatches for this one, so please be nice as this is my first time. Tips would be gratefully received in the comments!! So here we go:


1. These are my lovely Victoria Jackson glosses which I got about a year ago now, used a few times then became obsessed with whatever came into fashion a month or so later!! The colours are just so beautiful and summery and the consistency is easy to blend feels so nourishing!! Along with a lip liner (… I happen to have the Victoria Jackson one to match) they look flawless!! Definitely ones to pop straight back into my makeup bag for a gorgeous summer statement lip!


2. This is the Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara. Wow I forgot how lovely it is! Its nice to have a mascara that does exactly what it says it does! I still absolutely love my Maybelline Falsies which gives lovely long and elegant lashes, but this mascara is fab if you want if bit of volume with your length! I would probably not wear this on a daily basis but will definitely add it to my ‘night out’ makeup bag for a bit of extra impact!



3. I have a massive stash of Technic eye shadows and palettes, but in my deep sea dive into my makeup i found these two shades! I like to stick to neutrals and shimmery-ness in the summer because it’s lighter on my fair skin and ginger hair! These are lovely because rather than my usual browns they are slightly more orange pigmented which gives them an even lighter finish, lovely for an everyday makeup look. Sorry about the awful swatch, the photo really doesn’t do them justice! The one thing I’d say is they don’t have names! 😦 A little ‘orange blossom’ or ‘summer sun’ would be the cherry on the cake.


4. I forgot I even had this little gem, which is a crime in itself! This is Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra in shade 500 – Peppermint. I know all I seem to be going on about it how lovely these things are for summer, but this really IS lovely for summer! The soft pastel green is lovely and the lycra finish is perfect to wear with light flowy fabrics (for any fellow kimono lovers this is one for you). I just love it! No words. Just… everyone should have it! (Great blogging there!!)

… and finally……



5. Fearne Cotton eye pencil in Envious Green. This is sooo pretty!! It’s really shimmery and almost more of an aqua than a green, but is simply beautiful whatever it’s called! Now as its quite bright and as we’ve established, I’m not one for bright colours on my eyes, I like to blend a touch of this into the outer corner and bottom lashes, just for a touch of colour, especially if I’m wearing a a really bright contrasting outfit! Hey sometimes I just let rip lol!!  Anyway this pencil is so soft it’s lovely for blending so you can make it a subtle or as soft as you like. Now I can’t say I’ll wear this lots, but I will keep it on hand for when I’m feeling adventurous!! 

Well that’s your lot my lovelies! I Hope I’ve inspired you to stage your own deep sea dive and find some long lost treasures!

See you all very soon, 

please comment, like, share and do all that other fancy technological stuff!!

much love


Brushes: What do you even use them for!!?

Well Hello there you beautiful people who may or may not be as confused as I once was about brushes!

This blog has been requested so I thought I would try and clear up some of the myths surrounding the many different makeup brushes, and also share some of my own favourites and how I use them.

A little disclaimer: The brushes I will be basing this blog on are all by Real Techniques, that’s simply because they are my favourites and I have found them to work best. 

My one and only rule: Don’t be afraid to ignore the name on the brush (what you’re meant to use them for), use them for what you find works best.

Here we go:




1. Expert Face Brush

This brush is perfect for applying a base. This is because it fits perfectly in the contours of the face, under the eyes and round the nose. This brush is perfect for buffing foundation into the skin and therefore it doesn’t sit all cakey on top of your skin all day. Buffing with this brush gives you a lighter finish and enables you to build the coverage you need.



2. Stippling Brush

This brush is ideal for concealer and building up coverage over your base as you need it. Its dual fibre formation means the little white hairs apply the makeup to the skin whereas the darker hairs buff the product to build coverage. This is my FAVOURITE brush! It’s a miracle worker. If you only want to buy one brush, make it this one.




3. Pointed Foundation Brush

This brush I use not for foundation but to apply concealer under my eyes. Thanks to my mum I am afflicted with very dark circles under my eyes, so to find a brush that is able to cover these gives me so much more confidence. I find this is better than a regular foundation brush because the smaller size makes it perfect for this purpose.




4. Brow Brush

Where is a girl without her brows? I don’t feel human without mine, and this brush is thinner than other brow brushes so allows me to get a far more natural look. I use this brush also sometimes to put eye shadow on my bottom lash line, again because the thin-ness of the brush is amazing!


5. Base Shadow Brush

This brush does exactly what it says on the tin (well brush). Its soft hairs mean it’s lovely and delicate on the lids and also doubles as a fab blending brush. This brush also, unlike others, glides perfectly over the top of eye primer.


6. Deluxe Crease Brush

This brush is a god send if you want to transform a plain eye into a smokey eye or a more evening worthy look in a rush. Simple brush it through your crease and into your outer corner and you’re done. Some might say this brush is too big to do its job without creating a mess, but I think its better to have a slightly bigger crease brush that way you can create a more dramatic look, and if you brush in circular motions, there is less blending to do! I also like to use the Accent Brush for the inner corners and tear duct with a lighter colour to widen my eyes a bit and complete the eye look.


7. Blush Brush

I’m not a big fan of blush, but this brush has revolutionised the way i wear makeup. It allows me to wear as much or a little blush as I want and not look like a clown or something that should only belong as part of a Halloween costume! And it’s SO soft, the day I brought it, I couldn’t stop stroking it, I know that sounds sad, but you honestly won’t know what I mean until you have it!


8. Angled Foundation Brush

This is when I start to break the rules slightly. I don’t take this brush anywhere near my foundation, instead I use it for contouring. This brush because it’s angled means that I can get right into my cheekbones and create just the look I want and make my cheekbones pop!!



9. Precision Eyeliner Brush

Sorry, going to break the rules again. I don’t use this for eyeliner, I use it for my lips! Rather than using a flat brush for my lips I like this one as it works well on lipstick without getting all claggy! Also this brush is far less fluffy than other lip brushes tend to be which makes it much nicer to apply gloss with.


So there you have it, my guide to brushes, what I like to use them for and how I like to use them. I hope this takes some of the myth out of the confusing world of makeup application!!! I hope you have learnt something and let me know if you would like any other ‘Guide To…’ blogs.

See you very soon,

All my love xoxo