5 Steps to Happiness

Hello there my gorgeouses (and yes, I’ve started making up adjectives)!

So it’s been a LONG time since I’ve blogged! For the last month I’ve been working full time at my holiday job and then I had a performance that I spent every hour rehearsing for! BUT that’s all done now and I’m back!!
Today I thought I’d post something a little different that affects me and I’m sure a lot of you! While I’m writing this I’m sitting in a hotel room in Amsterdam on holiday and should be having the time of my life! Don’t get me wrong it’s amazing but I can’t shake a little niggle that something is stopping me from being fully happy, and this isn’t the first time! Now I’m not going to get deep, that’s not what this post is about. Instead I’m going to share with you some of the methods I use to get myself sorted again and feeling much more able to enjoy everything to the fullest.
1. Exercise: now before you moan and groan this could be anything, whether you enjoy going for a run like me or you prefer a yoga DVD in your living room having 20 minutes a few times a week where all you are focusing on is breathing does wonders.
2. Diet: when I feel like this, I like to make a particular effort to eat very healthily. I reckon that what you put inside you really does effect how you feel both inside and out! This means no processed food, less alcohol and as much fresh carb-free food as I can cram in!
3. Talking: I know it sounds like advice from your school mentor but speaking to someone really does help! Whether it’s a parent or a friend it doesn’t matter! Suffering in silence is the worst thing, you’re worth far more than that!
4. Switch off: take an hour, a day, a week away from the internet, from your texts and from social media! This just really gives you time to focus on you. Not that anyone is judgemental, but, simply seeing a picture of someone’s beach body or a night out that you couldn’t go to, all these things will effect your mood, and this is so easy to avoid.
5. Take stock: lists are a miracle cure I find! A list of all the positive things in your life, the people, the hobbies, the social stuff, school or uni! I guarantee if you spend the time to write it all down, you’ll be surprised how long it is!

So I hope you, a friend, a relative has found this to some extent useful.
Back to normal soon with some more beauty and probably some summer adventures!
All my love
P.S. It’s fab to be back!


Skin Care Series 1

Hello there my lovelies,

Well, the summer holidays are upon us and we’re all gearing up to those no make-up sunny days, but there’s a lot of prep to get that ‘all natural’ look isn’t there!! I’m going to post a mini skin care series over the next week or so.

Day 1: FACE MASKS. These are my favourite skin care products because they make such a visible difference so quickly, perfect for any impatient people like me!! I’m going to review 4 different products and also tell you why my final pick is a firm on my wish list!!

Here we go… numero uno:

face mask 1


LUSH ‘BB Seaweed’ – £6.25

This is my current favourite face mask and I only got it a week ago! I Like the consistency of Lush face masks as they have a subtle exfoliant so they almost serve as multi-tasking products. This mask not only clears your pores like no mans business but also helps with any areas of problem skin – the all natural ingredients in Lush products definitely help this. The main property I love about this mask is the fact that it works as a sort of toner. The way it evens skin tone is better than any toner I’ve ever used!! Finally, and on a less important note, unlike many Lush products this one is not overpoweringly scented, it just smells beautifully fresh!

face mask 2

NEUTROGENA ‘Visibly Clear 2 in 1’ – £2.50-3.50

This is my go to mask. It’s so convenient being able to use it as a wash in the shower if you’re in a hurry and honestly feels like your doing your skin some good from the moment you put it on. The mask has a lovely clay consistency so you can pop in on and make yourself look like a proper ghost! As soon as I wash this off my skin is so soft and smooth and it really and truly does help with clearing up your skin.

face mask 3

BODY SHOP ‘Tea Tree Face Mask’ – £10

A little while a go I got a bit obsessed with Body Shop Tea Tree products. Tea Tree is so good for problem skin but be warned – don’t over do it otherwise it wont make any difference! I like to put a couple of tea tree products in my skin care regime if I have any blemishes and this is one of my chosen items!! It smells amazing, and gets to work very quickly. It’s exceptionally good at clearing up blemishes and dark spots and its creamy consistency makes it feel very luxurious indeed!

face mask 4

LUSH ‘Cosmetic Warrior’ – £6.25

Here we go, another multi-tasker from Lush. This products not only moisturises, it also has tea tree and garlic to cleanse the skin. The natural ingredients cool the skin making this lovely to put on at night after you’ve taken your makeup off. This mask seems to have no end to its talents, it also tightens the skin for a lovely fresh feeling after you’ve used it. As always with lush its mild exfoliant only adds to its amazingness!


face mask 5

ORIGINS ‘Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask’ – £23

This mask is slightly on the pricey side (hence why it’s on the wishlist not in my hand!) I’ve heard amazing things about this product. Clears pores like no other, and well it can’t call itself ‘skin improvement’ for no reason. It claims to unclog dark spots and let the skin breath anew! I honestly cannot wait to try this mask, and be sure there will be a review when I do!

Well there you have it, 4 favourite masks and one wishlist product. I hope you’ve found the first in my skincare series useful and it’s given you a quick guide to the confusing world of face masks.

See you soon,

All my love


Beauty Haul!! Where’s a student loan when you need it!

Hello there my shopaholic beauties!

Today I’ve got a little (ish) haul for you as promised! Unfortunately I reckon this will be my last haul for a while… there’s no student loan over the summer!

Unbelievably, I did actually need some of this stuff!! I’d run out of concealer so had to buy some more, and also all my foundation was gone but I thought instead of playing safe with foundation, I’d try something new. I’d heard great reviews so after a bit of swatching to find a pale enough shade I went for it!! Also, my eyebrow pencil had been all sharpened away so I went for a double ended tool this time… I love trying new brow products because when it comes to brows, there’s always a way to improve!!!

Then there were the naughty purchases! The blusher, bronzer and two lipsticks… awfully though, I don’t think I’ll be regretting them anytime soon!! I LOVE them all to pieces!!!

So here they all are, lined up to attention!

july haul 1 july haul 2 july haul 3


Products I brought: (left to right)

1. MUA LUXE – Powerbrow Shape and Highlight, in mid brown

2. RIMMEL – Wake Me Up Foundation, in 100 Ivory

3. COLLECTION – Lasting Perfection Concealer, in fair (re-purchase)

4. SLEEK – Blush, in Rose Gold

5. MAYBELLINE – Dream Sun Triple Bronzing Powder, in blonde

6. CLINIQUE – Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Balm, in 07 Super Strawberry

7. MUA – Lipstick, in shade 16, Nectar

I’ve tried these all out already and I have to say I’m so chuffed with all of them!! The foundation does exactly what it says and makes me look like I’ve had far more than 6 hours sleep! The eyebrow product, I’m so impressed with, it’s a lovely consistency and the highlighter as well works amazingly with it, and all for only £3! The Sleek blush is such a pretty colour, much more shimmer than I’d normally go for, but I’m loving wearing it!!!

Hope this has given you a few ideas for freshening up your makeup bag!!

See you soon

All my love


Little Road Trip

Hello there my little shopaholic beauties,

Just a really quick post today… going to have a bigger one up tomorrow hopefully, but I’ve been super busy with work this past week!! Sorry!!!!

BUT, on Monday I didn’t have to be at work until the evening so I got in the car and drove me and four of my girl friends to Brent Cross Shopping Centre and we had the girliest catch up day!! It was amazing!!!

Five of us crammed in my (well my mum’s really) little yaris and hit the roads, half an hour later we were restraining ourselves from buying far too expensive but amazingly beautiful dresses!! A quick pit stop in boots, and just about every other shop we passed, and it was time for LUNCH!!

We went to one of my favourite places ever… LEON’S. It’s a healthy fast food place and they do loads and loads of vegetarian and wheat free options which is perfect for me!!

Here’s a couple of pictures of my yummy superfood salad and my friend sophie’s burger… the others had children’s meals… because they wanted the colouring sheet LOL!!

Leon's 1Leon's 2 Leon's 3

Sorry for the randomness of this little post, but the food was way too good not to share… Quinoa is definitely a grain not to be underestimated!!!

Will be back with a bigger and better beauty post tomorrow… I feel a haul coming on!!! :p

All my love


Dewy vs. Matte Makeup Looks

Hello there my little product (mainly palette) hoarding beauties, (oh wait that’s me who has the palette obsession)!

Today I thought I’d try something a little different. Rather than comparing individual products and recommending my favourites, I’m going to compare entire looks! This is because you never know how a new lipstick or blush is going to look until it’s on your face with the rest of the products!

So it’s time to get comparing… Dewy or Matte?

A lot of people prefer a dewy look in the summer, but then on some skin types this might not work, equally matte looks can be quite drying on some people, so it’s all about finding the right balance of products for you! These are two fairly simple looks, no major eye or anything, just bog standard with a couple of new lip products!

Let’s get going…


Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Ivory: very light but buildable coverage, not great under eyes, but a nice finish.                                                                                                             Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Cool Medium: awesome, my favourite concealer EVER!                                                                                                                                      Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown: apply lightly for a lovely natural look.  17 Eyeshadow in Statuesque: apply all over the lid for a subtle shimmer, just enough to pick up the dewyness of your skin.                                                                                          Maybelline Falsies Waterproof Mascara: elegant seperated lashes for a simple lash look.   Sleek Blush in Rose Gold: perfect shimmer, a completely stunning colour and works nicely as a highlighter too.                                                                                                                 Clinique Chubby STick in 07 Super Strawberry: very moisturising for every day and add a little gloss to take you from day to night!

I give to you my DEWY LOOK:

dewy look dewy look 1                  I realise the camera didn’t really pick up the ‘dew’… but try it yourself, it is definitely there!!



Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse in Ivory: lovely consistensy, looks far more orange than it actually is so make sure you try before you buy, not great coverage, but fab for this sort of look.                                                                                                                                         Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer: not mad about this one, better over blemishes than under the eye as it has a balm in the middle to help heal blemishes.                                                Technic Eyeshadow Palette (brows) Top Right Colour: lovely for a very natural look but overall similar to the pencil.                                                                                                     MAC Paintpot in Layin’ Low: perfect for a matte look, as this primer stops any sort of shine on your lids and also keeps you makeup in place for an absolute age (ahem… night out essential)                                                                                                                                 Technic Eyeshadow (which seemingly has no name) all over the lids for a super natural look, showing off your no-shine lids to everyone!                                                                    Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner: my favourite liquid liner as it’s so easy to apply for the perfect cat eye to give this super simple look a little something!                                       Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara: more voluminous than the falsies but similar in separating your lashes leaving you clump free.                                                                        Maybelline Dream Sun Triple Bronzing Powder in Blonde: lovely for a spot of contouring with three colours in one, also it smells like holiday!                                                               MUA Lipstick in Nectar: what can I say, I’m a coral convert. stunning colour that stays put, and all for £1!

May I present, The MATTE LOOK:

matte lookmatte look 1

Well there they are, my two looks, different products same concept, a simple everyday makeup look for different skin types, occasions or even times of day! Let me know which one you liked better in the comments and tell me what you’d like to see on this blog very soon!

All my love


Copycat Look | July Edition | Zoella

Hello there my beauty, fashion and summer loving lovelies!

Today I’m starting a new blog series – Copycat Look, I’m going to do this post monthly and and definitely up for taking requests… ooohhh the challenge is already exciting! 

This month, for my first post, I’ve gone for Zoella. She is one of my favourite youtubers and as a fellow short person I LOVE her style! She is not afraid to wear what she likes and always finds a way to make it work. She doesn’t just conform, combining elements of on-trend-ness with her own style. 

I recently saw some pictures of Zoe in a pink amaretto colour maxi skirt with a black top and statement necklace… well you’ll soon see where the idea for this blog was born! I trawled the web, my internet history now looks like I’m an obsessive stalker because I wanted to get the look just right… I’m pretty happy with the results! 

Sorry about the quality – Trust Dad not to be able to use my phone ( also I wasn’t organised enough to sort my camera out!)

Here a (not so) little run down of all my clothes and makeup:


skirt – New Look £14.99

top – H&M £3.99

necklace – Topshop (years ago, not sure of the price)

ring – Accessorize £4 (sale!)

shoes – Topshop £28


Maybelline dream pure BB cream £6.99 (light) because Zoe always goes for a more natural light coverage

Collection lasting perfection concealer £4.19 (shade 1) used by the lady herself

Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil £2.99 ( dark brown) build up a more natural ombre brow

FCUK eyeshadow in natural brown (discontinued) Zoe, for an everyday look just seems to go for a little touch of natural smokey eye

Collection extreme 24hr felt tip liner £2.99 (black) to give you cat flicks like a pro youtuber

Maybelline dream sun bronzer £5.99 (blonde) a natural bronze rather than contour just like Zoe’s

Benefit 10 – only the blusher side £23.50 a touch of shimmery pink as highlighters are too fussy for this simple copycat look

Maybelline falsies waterproof mascara £7.99 (black) elegant long lashes so as not to over shadow the look with really thick lashes

Narural Collection pressed power £1.99 (neutral) can’t go wrong… does its job

MUA lipstick £1 (nectar) Zoe always gets colour pop lipstick just right, for my look I went for a more coral colour than she wears just because it would NOT look good with the ginge!!

Well this is my Zoella look , I hope you like it… it’s not a like for like copycat but my interpretation of one of Zoe’s staple looks!

Comment, like and share is you please and lots of recommendations for the August Edition of Copycat Look!

All my love 


MUA Haul!

Hello there my little bargain hunting beauties!!

Juts a quick post today about some very exiting things!!! First isn’t it the best feeling when your summer diet actually works for once!! Well trying on clothes today in a size smaller than I used to be made me feel that very excitement!! I knew then that today was going to be a good day! 

Then I had some time to kill before going to work, so, as per usual I headed to boots, but I didn’t find anything that got me excited (that is, even more excited than when I tried on clothes). So my next stop was Superdrug, because they sell lots of brands that I wouldn’t usually buy. 

Well I saw the massive 3 for 2 sign and I couldn’t resist going over. I found myself at the MUA stand with the prettiest summery nail varnish shades I had seen all day. Now I know they’re only £1 usually but of course it’s rude to turn down an offer, so I had to buy 3!!

Colours I brought:

Pistachio Ice Cream – Really really pale green/aqua

Ameretto Crush – Pinky, sort of bananaberry smoothie colour

Bold Blue – Slightly more pastel than bold but beautiful all the same!

Then, the lipsticks may have caught my eye!! That’s the danger, because MUA is so cheap and amazing value, I have a tendency to buy lots… I was very restrained today! I saw the Lipstick in Shade 7, which is a sort of coral orangy colour, very unusual for me my I LOVE IT!!! I cannot wait to wear it… might just have to make it an every day thing because it’s soooo pretty!!!


Well, here’s what my mini haul has taught me… Why haven’t I shopped in MUA before!!! Granted, I still trust slightly more pricey face products a bit more, but the nail varnishes and lip products are gorgeous and very pigmented… also the lipstick lasts an absolute age which is perfect for a night out! I really want to try the eye palettes which look beautiful on the stand! Going to wait until I’m touching pan on one more colour, then get a new one!! See I’m so restrained! (LOL I lie, I’m probably going back into town tomorrow!!)



Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my mini haul, and learning about my obvious lack of self control!! 

Let me know if you want any more posts like this one!!!

Also why not have a gander at this rather lovely looking web address!! (psst it’s my bloglovin!) 


All my love xoxo