5 Steps to Happiness

Hello there my gorgeouses (and yes, I’ve started making up adjectives)!

So it’s been a LONG time since I’ve blogged! For the last month I’ve been working full time at my holiday job and then I had a performance that I spent every hour rehearsing for! BUT that’s all done now and I’m back!!
Today I thought I’d post something a little different that affects me and I’m sure a lot of you! While I’m writing this I’m sitting in a hotel room in Amsterdam on holiday and should be having the time of my life! Don’t get me wrong it’s amazing but I can’t shake a little niggle that something is stopping me from being fully happy, and this isn’t the first time! Now I’m not going to get deep, that’s not what this post is about. Instead I’m going to share with you some of the methods I use to get myself sorted again and feeling much more able to enjoy everything to the fullest.
1. Exercise: now before you moan and groan this could be anything, whether you enjoy going for a run like me or you prefer a yoga DVD in your living room having 20 minutes a few times a week where all you are focusing on is breathing does wonders.
2. Diet: when I feel like this, I like to make a particular effort to eat very healthily. I reckon that what you put inside you really does effect how you feel both inside and out! This means no processed food, less alcohol and as much fresh carb-free food as I can cram in!
3. Talking: I know it sounds like advice from your school mentor but speaking to someone really does help! Whether it’s a parent or a friend it doesn’t matter! Suffering in silence is the worst thing, you’re worth far more than that!
4. Switch off: take an hour, a day, a week away from the internet, from your texts and from social media! This just really gives you time to focus on you. Not that anyone is judgemental, but, simply seeing a picture of someone’s beach body or a night out that you couldn’t go to, all these things will effect your mood, and this is so easy to avoid.
5. Take stock: lists are a miracle cure I find! A list of all the positive things in your life, the people, the hobbies, the social stuff, school or uni! I guarantee if you spend the time to write it all down, you’ll be surprised how long it is!

So I hope you, a friend, a relative has found this to some extent useful.
Back to normal soon with some more beauty and probably some summer adventures!
All my love
P.S. It’s fab to be back!


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