Skin Care Series 1

Hello there my lovelies,

Well, the summer holidays are upon us and we’re all gearing up to those no make-up sunny days, but there’s a lot of prep to get that ‘all natural’ look isn’t there!! I’m going to post a mini skin care series over the next week or so.

Day 1: FACE MASKS. These are my favourite skin care products because they make such a visible difference so quickly, perfect for any impatient people like me!! I’m going to review 4 different products and also tell you why my final pick is a firm on my wish list!!

Here we go… numero uno:

face mask 1


LUSH ‘BB Seaweed’ – £6.25

This is my current favourite face mask and I only got it a week ago! I Like the consistency of Lush face masks as they have a subtle exfoliant so they almost serve as multi-tasking products. This mask not only clears your pores like no mans business but also helps with any areas of problem skin – the all natural ingredients in Lush products definitely help this. The main property I love about this mask is the fact that it works as a sort of toner. The way it evens skin tone is better than any toner I’ve ever used!! Finally, and on a less important note, unlike many Lush products this one is not overpoweringly scented, it just smells beautifully fresh!

face mask 2

NEUTROGENA ‘Visibly Clear 2 in 1’ – £2.50-3.50

This is my go to mask. It’s so convenient being able to use it as a wash in the shower if you’re in a hurry and honestly feels like your doing your skin some good from the moment you put it on. The mask has a lovely clay consistency so you can pop in on and make yourself look like a proper ghost! As soon as I wash this off my skin is so soft and smooth and it really and truly does help with clearing up your skin.

face mask 3

BODY SHOP ‘Tea Tree Face Mask’ – £10

A little while a go I got a bit obsessed with Body Shop Tea Tree products. Tea Tree is so good for problem skin but be warned – don’t over do it otherwise it wont make any difference! I like to put a couple of tea tree products in my skin care regime if I have any blemishes and this is one of my chosen items!! It smells amazing, and gets to work very quickly. It’s exceptionally good at clearing up blemishes and dark spots and its creamy consistency makes it feel very luxurious indeed!

face mask 4

LUSH ‘Cosmetic Warrior’ – £6.25

Here we go, another multi-tasker from Lush. This products not only moisturises, it also has tea tree and garlic to cleanse the skin. The natural ingredients cool the skin making this lovely to put on at night after you’ve taken your makeup off. This mask seems to have no end to its talents, it also tightens the skin for a lovely fresh feeling after you’ve used it. As always with lush its mild exfoliant only adds to its amazingness!


face mask 5

ORIGINS ‘Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask’ – £23

This mask is slightly on the pricey side (hence why it’s on the wishlist not in my hand!) I’ve heard amazing things about this product. Clears pores like no other, and well it can’t call itself ‘skin improvement’ for no reason. It claims to unclog dark spots and let the skin breath anew! I honestly cannot wait to try this mask, and be sure there will be a review when I do!

Well there you have it, 4 favourite masks and one wishlist product. I hope you’ve found the first in my skincare series useful and it’s given you a quick guide to the confusing world of face masks.

See you soon,

All my love



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