Little Road Trip

Hello there my little shopaholic beauties,

Just a really quick post today… going to have a bigger one up tomorrow hopefully, but I’ve been super busy with work this past week!! Sorry!!!!

BUT, on Monday I didn’t have to be at work until the evening so I got in the car and drove me and four of my girl friends to Brent Cross Shopping Centre and we had the girliest catch up day!! It was amazing!!!

Five of us crammed in my (well my mum’s really) little yaris and hit the roads, half an hour later we were restraining ourselves from buying far too expensive but amazingly beautiful dresses!! A quick pit stop in boots, and just about every other shop we passed, and it was time for LUNCH!!

We went to one of my favourite places ever… LEON’S. It’s a healthy fast food place and they do loads and loads of vegetarian and wheat free options which is perfect for me!!

Here’s a couple of pictures of my yummy superfood salad and my friend sophie’s burger… the others had children’s meals… because they wanted the colouring sheet LOL!!

Leon's 1Leon's 2 Leon's 3

Sorry for the randomness of this little post, but the food was way too good not to share… Quinoa is definitely a grain not to be underestimated!!!

Will be back with a bigger and better beauty post tomorrow… I feel a haul coming on!!! :p

All my love



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