MUA Haul!

Hello there my little bargain hunting beauties!!

Juts a quick post today about some very exiting things!!! First isn’t it the best feeling when your summer diet actually works for once!! Well trying on clothes today in a size smaller than I used to be made me feel that very excitement!! I knew then that today was going to be a good day! 

Then I had some time to kill before going to work, so, as per usual I headed to boots, but I didn’t find anything that got me excited (that is, even more excited than when I tried on clothes). So my next stop was Superdrug, because they sell lots of brands that I wouldn’t usually buy. 

Well I saw the massive 3 for 2 sign and I couldn’t resist going over. I found myself at the MUA stand with the prettiest summery nail varnish shades I had seen all day. Now I know they’re only £1 usually but of course it’s rude to turn down an offer, so I had to buy 3!!

Colours I brought:

Pistachio Ice Cream – Really really pale green/aqua

Ameretto Crush – Pinky, sort of bananaberry smoothie colour

Bold Blue – Slightly more pastel than bold but beautiful all the same!

Then, the lipsticks may have caught my eye!! That’s the danger, because MUA is so cheap and amazing value, I have a tendency to buy lots… I was very restrained today! I saw the Lipstick in Shade 7, which is a sort of coral orangy colour, very unusual for me my I LOVE IT!!! I cannot wait to wear it… might just have to make it an every day thing because it’s soooo pretty!!!


Well, here’s what my mini haul has taught me… Why haven’t I shopped in MUA before!!! Granted, I still trust slightly more pricey face products a bit more, but the nail varnishes and lip products are gorgeous and very pigmented… also the lipstick lasts an absolute age which is perfect for a night out! I really want to try the eye palettes which look beautiful on the stand! Going to wait until I’m touching pan on one more colour, then get a new one!! See I’m so restrained! (LOL I lie, I’m probably going back into town tomorrow!!)



Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my mini haul, and learning about my obvious lack of self control!! 

Let me know if you want any more posts like this one!!!

Also why not have a gander at this rather lovely looking web address!! (psst it’s my bloglovin!)

All my love xoxo


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